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About Old Cars Africa | Collectible Cars in South Africa

Old Cars Africa is based out of the St.Croix Motor Museum in South Africa.  Founded by Eben de Vos in 1986, the Museum is housed in a former airplane hangar in the heart of suburban Westview, abutting Mill Park, in the city of Port Elizabeth.

   Approximately 80 vehicles from various categories are displayed - ranging from the early 1910’s to the late 1980’s.  This dynamic collection is known throughout automotive circles in Southern Africa and prides itself on being an "actively-driven" collection of automobiles.  Originally, the Museum was founded purely to document and preserve South Africa’s automotive industry's rich heritage.  Given Port Elizabeth's reputation as the "Detroit" of South Africa in years past, the permanent location of this museum made perfect sense.


   This unique exposure to a large variety of vehicles has afforded Old Cars Africa the opportunity to come across some exceptional and rare examples.  We are proud to offer select automobiles, made available for sale to fellow car enthusiasts and collectors worldwide.

   To take a look at our Photo Album, please click here. Please note that not all vehicles shown are for sale, however, email inquiries to those which are for sale are always welcome. To contact Founder Eben de Vos by email, please click here.


PLEASE NOTE: Any prices shown are in South African Rand, and does not include Shipping, Insurance, Taxes or Duties for which you may be responsible.  As a courtesy and convenience to potential buyers, we may be able to provide you with contact information for shipping companies in our area. We have also included a link to an external site where one can calculate estimated values in various currencies.  This is for estimation purposes only, and may fluctuate daily due to the nature of foreign exchange rates.